Experiments, Computation and Modelization in Fluid Mechanics and Turbulence

ECoMMFiT was created in the year 2000 as a research group of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV). It is a multidisciplinary group although most of its researchers belong to the area of Fluid Mechanics of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the URV. ECoMMFiT is member of the European Research Community on Flow, Turbulence and Combustion (ERCOFTAC).

The main objective of ECoMMFiT is to advance in the knowledge of the structure of flows and their effect on the heat and mass transfer processes in problems with fundamental, industrial and environmental interest, using experimental, computational and analytical tools.

The group has extensive experience in computational fluid mechanics (CFD) using both commercial and in-house developed codes and in the design, construction and study of scale models for experimental analysis. Furthermore, one of the strengths of the group is related with the application of analytical techniques to identify processes, structures and/or the most important parameters of a given problem.

The rheological study of biofluids with complex rheology is one of the research lines of the group. We have advanced equipment, such as rotational and extensional rheometers and accessories for the characterisation of the interface between different fluids, to determine rheological and thermodynamic properties. In addition, we have facilities for experimental set-ups, from microfluidic to industrial scale.

The Group has also expertise in the fields of Big Data and Machine Learning. Big Data analysis provides a tool for the characterization of the data and the detection of anomalies/deviations. Combined with Machine Learning techniques, this large volumes of data can be used to build more or less complex mathematical models for predicting responses to perturbations on a large number of predictors and classifying large sets of data according to predefined features.

In order to enhance the group activities for industry, administration and society, the group has created the Center of Advanced Fluid Dynamics, also known as Cadfluid Solutions. The mission of Cadfluid is to put knowledge on Fluid Mechanics and heat/mass transfer at the service of society, to improve persons life quality, companies competitiveness and to reduce the impact of human activity, while retrofitting our research activity.