PhD opportunity

The ECoMMFiT group is looking for talented, enthusiastic and motivated applicants wishing to undertake research work for a PhD in Fluid Mechanics. Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates with strong interests in fundamental or applied fluid mechanics. Opportunities are available in both experimental and theoretical aspects of fluid mechanics.
The research interests of the group are varied. If you are interested to join us for a PhD, we suggest that you have a look through our research pages as well as taking a look at the work carried out by our present and past researchers.
Further information on how to apply can be found in the Universitat Rovira i Virgili pages for Doctoral Programmes.
To make an informal enquiry contact Lluís Vàzquez with a recent CV and general information about the area you would like to study.

PhD in Progress

  • Arshama Khan, Numerical and experimental multiphase flows study (2027)
  • Byron Solórzano Castillo (2026)
  • Nicolás Catalán Farías, Experimental and numerical study of the upper respiratory tract and particle dispersion with different respiratory pathologies (2026)
  • Fidel Bonet Vilela, Use of Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence techniques for the characterisation, analysis, modelling and optimization of the water cycle (2025). Industrial doctorate, more info here
  • Ronaldo Luis Höhn, Numerical simulations and experimental study of multiphase flows in a bubble column reactors (2024)
  • Farnoosh Hormozinezhad, Rheological study of droplet formation in biofluids (2024)
  • George Kurias, Experimental and numerical study of the layout of wind turbines for offshore wind farms (2024)
  • Antonio José Rivas Chacón, Characterization of the deposition of magnetic nanoparticles in microchannels (2024)
  • Pedro Esteban Sandoval Alvarado, Flow characterization in cylindrical systems under laminar conditions (2024)

Completed PhD Research

  • Mohammadjavad Norouzi, Numerical modeling of high aspect ratio fibers in fluid flows (2024) pdf
  • Jordi Iglesias Deutú, Analysis of the effects of severe weather with the COAWST model comparing coupled and decoupled simulations, as well as using machine learning algorithms to predict the impact on populations (2023) pdf
  • Akim Lavrinenko, Numerical simulations of particle turbulent dispersion and deposition with implications for the spreading of airborne diseases (2023) pdf
  • Koorosh Kazemi, Numerical investigation of a single bubble and a pair of bubbles rising in Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids with interfacial passive scalar transfer (2023) pdf
  • Mohsen Goraki Fard, Meshfree methods: Moving beyond the Cumulant Lattice Boltzmann Method (2023) pdf
  • Joshua David Selvaraj, Experimental and numerical investigation of flow in a lid-driven cylindrical cavity (2022) pdf
  • Paolo Sassi, Experimental analysis of multiphase flows. Design and setup of an experimental facility (2021) pdf
  • Mojtaba Goraki Fard, CFD modeling of multiphase turbulent flow for wastewater treatment in bioreactors (2020) link
  • Rafael Jurado Cruz, Numerical simulations of the DCMIX microgravity thermodiffusion experiments to assess the impact of typical international space station reboosting manoeuvres (2019) pdf
  • Jonathan Flórez Giraldo, Numerical study of bio-fluids and mass transfer processes through membranes (2018) link
  • Silvana Tourn Cremona, Characterization of a new Open Jet Wind Tunnel to optimize and test vertical axis wind turbines (2017) link
  • Valentín Sánchez Morales, Experimental and CFD analysis of the flow in the wake of a vertical axis wind turbine (2017) pdf
  • Lidia Almazán, Hydrodynamic Modeling of Granular Materials (2017) link
  • Jorge Maestre Heredia, Towards the Application of the Isogeometric Boundary Element Analysis to Fluid Mechanics: Non-linear Gravity Waves and Dynamics of Deformable Capsules in Shear Flows (2017) pdf
  • Albert Puig Arànega, Review of Boundary Conditions and Investigation Towards the Development of a Growth Model: a Lattice Boltzmann Method Approach (2016) pdf
  • Javier Burgos Vergara, Numerical study of flow and mass transfer in micro reactors with the Lattice Boltzman method (2016) pdf
  • Gorg Abdelmassih Bassit Megalaa, Numerical and experimental study of steady and unsteady mixed convection flow in a cubical open cavity with the bottom wall heated (2016) pdf
  • Irene Sancho Conde, Numerical and experimental studies of reacting flows (2015) pdf
  • Yolanda Cuenca Martínez, Experimental study of thermal conductivity of new mixtures for absorption cycles and the effect of the nanoparticles addition (2013) pdf
  • Sylvana Varela Ballesta, Flow structures in PCB enclosed model: Time and spatial evolution (2012) pdf
  • Nihal Ertürk, Experimental study of the flow in an external gear pump by time resolved particle image velocimetry (2012) pdf
  • Guillaume Novelli, Numerical simulation of oil spills in coastal areas using shallow water equations in generalised coordinates (2011) pdf
  • Manuel Martínez del Álamo, Numerical study of isothermal two-phase flow dispersion in the packed bed of a hydrodesulphuration reactor (2011) pdf
  • Roland Blanch Ojea, Numerical simulation of reacting flows in microchannels (2011) pdf
  • Salvatore Cito, Numerical and experimental study of flow and wall mass transfer rates in capillary driven flows in microfluidic channels (2010) pdf
  • Gabriel Usera Velasco, Improvements in full field techniques for the measurement, simulation and analysis of confined flows in complex geometry (2009) pdf
  • Obai Younis, Numerical and experimental study of transient laminar natural convection of high Prandtl number fluids in a cubical cavity (2009) pdf
  • Àlex Fabregat, Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Dispersion of Buoyant Plumes in a Pressure-Driven Channel Flow (2006) pdf
  • Leonardo Valencia, Estudio numérico y experimental de flujo Rayleigh-Bénard en cavidades cúbicas para régimen transitorio y turbulento (2005) pdf
  • Ángel Jiménez Aranda, Interaction between flow structures and mass transport. Application to a turbulent plane jet (2003) pdf
  • Ulian Dimitrov Spassov, Estudio de la inestabilidad de flujos incompresibles, análisis lineal de estabilidad y simulación numérica directa (2001) - bibliographic reference
  • Ingrid Martorell Boada, Estudi experimental de la transferència de calor en fluxos de convecció natural. Aplicació de la termografia de cristalls líquids (2001) bibliographic reference