Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a part of the science that uses several mathematical, physical and computational tools for the prediction, visualization and analysis of the fluid flow and its interaction with external elements. Nowadays CFD is a widely used technique and its fields of application ranges from microscale to large-scale events as world size atmospheric events.

The members of ECoMMFiT have large expertise in the use of commercial software for CFD as ANSYS Fluent and in using open source programs as OpenFOAM for both basic research and applied industrial and environmental problems. Additionally the group has developed his own CFD codes that allow specific control of the problem variables and of the mathematical resolution tools. For example, 3DYNAMICS is a multipurpose code developed at ECOMMFiT. It was designed for research in the fields of heat and mass transfer in laminar and turbulent flows, multiphase reactive flows, environmental problems and microfluidics. With the time, new capabilities have been added to 3DYNAMICS. At this moment, the code contains modules that include different turbulence models, hybrid methods that incorporate lagrangian transport, multigrid approaches as well as MPI and OpenMP parallelization solutions.

The expertise in CFD acquired through the years provide to the ECoMMFiT the ability and the knowledge for facing new research challenges and to successfully solve any applied problem defined by the industry.