To start playing, press Enter the supermarket.

On the first screen you must indicate which kind of waste you usually recycle, by clicking inside the box that is between the image and name. Once you're done, select Continue to the supermarket.

Once inside the supermarket home page, you'll see the different sections available in the supermarket, and you can enter the section you want by clicking on its name.

Within each section you will find different products with different packages available. You must indicate the product that is closer to that you usually buy, taking into account that:

If you want to change the packaging of a product already selected, just click on the buy button below the product that you usually buy (indicating the origin first if necessary). You will see the wrong product is being replaced by the new on in the shopping basket.

If you want to remove a product from the shopping basket, click the trash icon next to their name.

Once you have selected the products of a section, go back to the supermarket main page by clicking on the link Back to the main view of the supermarket and you can still enter the other sections to do your usual shopping.

Once you've bought everything you wanted you must go over to the cashier by pressing the button below the shopping basket. The game will show you the results of your purchase.

If you still want to add another product, you can return to the supermarket by clicking on the link Back to the main view of the supermarket.

This final screen shows:

Finally there is the possibility of starting again or print results (pdf).

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