Learning about Chemical Products, Uses and Applications (APQUA)

Department of Chemical Engineering, Rovira i Virgili University (URV)
Tel. 977 55 80 58, 977 55 81 78. Fax. 977 55 80 59 /


Magda Medir, director
Francesc Giralt, subdirector
Barbara Nagle, director of SEPUP, adviser of APQUA
Herbert D. Thier, director and founder of SEPUP, adviser of APQUA
Carles Lozano, dissemination and development coordinator
Anna Teresa Coll, scientific-technical staff
Mònica Portero, scientific-technical staff
Robert Manuel Gilabert, research associate
Santiago Rodríguez, research associate

Development partners:

Environmental Analysis and Management Group (AGA)

Department of Chemical Engineering, Rovira i Virgili University (URV)
Tel. 977 55 96 44. Fax. 977 55 96 67 /

Francesc Castells, director
Montse Meneses, technician
Jorgelina Pasqualino, technician


Av. Països Catalans, 15C 1r 2a, 43007 Tarragona
Tel. 977 11 05 20. Fax. 977 11 05 29 /

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APQUA acknowledges the assistance of the Federació de Grups de Dones del Tarragonès, in particular its President Carme Cardenas, consisting of the following associations:

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